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On the other hand, I think there are some scientific ideas which are verifiable but not falsifiable.Here's an example: I submit to you that: 1) our observation of Saturn verifies the Ring Hypothesis, 2) when scientists verify a proposition by looking through a scientific instrument, that counts as Science, and 3) no possible observation could have falsified the Ring Hypothesis.If a theory is unfalsifiable (that is, if no experiment you could possibly perform would rule it out, then according to Popperism it is not a scientific theory.Among those who subscribe to Scientism, this is usually assumed to be A BAD THING™.(The way some people talk, if a theory is unfalsifiable, that means it is false! In fact, though, the real problem with YEC is that it falsifiable, and in fact has been falsified many time over.) People often characterize bogus pseudoscientific ideas as unfalsifiable, because of the tendency of people who believe in them not to subject them to rigorous scrutiny. True, there is such a thing as mystical Woo-Woo from which no definable predictions can be made, either because the ideas are not precise enough or because they don't relate to any actually observable phenomena. I've been taught that when ideas are unscientific, the reason is because they are unfalsifiable. If the universe were created about 6,000 years ago and we have to get all of the layers of fossils and rock from a single planet-wide Flood about 4,500 years ago, then there are a gazillion problems with observation.But it turned out, not surprisingly, that there was an error in the measuring devices.

A perturbation analysis shows that the J-value explanation for the Preston curve starts to break down as the net discount rate is increased above zero.

Could science, if properly understood, provide us with the methodological key to the salvation of humanity?

That is a chief question coursing through the works of Karl Popper, who famously maintained that science cannot verify theories but only refute them, thereby bringing about progress.

Major scientific theories usually deal with generalities: they make predictions for a large (perhaps infinite) number of different situations.

Normally, it is not possible to verify them in all respects, because even if it works well in many cases, it could always be an approximation to something else.

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